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Phyto Paris


For PHYTO, your hair beauty & health can only be achieved through a thorough approach. Beautiful hair can only come with a healthy scalp.

This is why PHYTO takes care of your hair from the root to the tip, in full respect of the hair's ecosystem.

Hi-Quality hair products using the natural healing power of plants



6 Years of Research 1 Patented Ingredient

Phyto RE 30 is the world first anti greying-hair treatment.

The patented Peptide RE30 active ingredient boosts melanin production at the bulb and helps stimulate the natural pigmentation of hair during regrowth.

How to use

Section hair and apply 8 sprays directly onto a clean scalp. For daily use. 1 months usage per bottle.


PHYTO was conceived by celebrity hairdresser Patrick Alès, long before the emergence of environmental awareness and botanical hair care trends.

It all started when Patrick Alès was a salon apprentice in Paris during the 1950's.

He noticed that chemically-laden products were taking a serious toll on the hands of the hairdresser's and the hair of their clientele.

The first seeds of his idea for a much gentler, less harmful range of hair products were quietly sown.