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For 50 years, Klorane botanists combine the wonders of nature with the technologies of science. Selecting pure plant extracts to target specific needs, Klorane's proven, pharmaceutically developed formulas enrich their broad collection of hair and face care products.

Our laboratories have made plant research a major focus for over 50 years. Plant Active Ingredients. Pure, Proven Formulas.



Sooth and irritated scalp with Kloran Soothing & Anti-irritant Haircare with Chinese Peony.

Apply onto wet hair and gently massage into the hair and scalp; rinse thoroughly.


Klorane established itself as a pioneer that has made its mark on cosmetics through exclusive expertise: knowing how to choose a long-established plant and borrow from traditional routines to create modern products. The company culture builds on nature to develop innovative plant-based active ingredients and safe and effective products by adhering to a clearly-defined set of ethics and commitments, known as the Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise.