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Hydrea London

We take great pride in our commitment to ethical and environmentally sustainable procedures in the sourcing and manufacturing of our high quality, eco-friendly body care tools.

Hydrea London


Dry brushing the skin cleanses, exfoliates, aids detoxification and improves circulation.

Start from your feet and brush towards the direction of your heart. Brush legs, arms, chest, stomach, and back.

Always brush towards your heart to work with your circulation and lymphatic system


Hydrea London are at the forefront of ethical bodycare products. They have held an FSC® Certification for many years and were among the first UK Companies to provide a comprehensive range of affordable FSC® Certified brushes and massagers for the health and beauty market

Hydrea London also holds the Phytosanitary Organic Certification for all cactus and Egyptian loofah products ensuring raw material have been inspected by the NPPO in the country they are grown to foster the best in plant health and protection.