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Bioderma Atoderm SOS Spray - Staff Trial

"Staff Trial" puts products addressing specific concerns to the test with real people in real everyday environments
Bioderma Atoderm SOS Spray - Staff Trial

Cosmeceutical skincare brand Bioderma promises to repair and nourish the skin in a gentle and lasting way. We trial a product from their Atoderm range, Bioderma Atoderm Anti-Itching and Ultra Soothing SOS Spray, to put it to the test.

Staff Profile

Name: Marcus

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Skin Type: Dry and Sensitive

Concern: Eczema, Dry, Irritated

Bioderma's Atoderm range is formulated to target normal to dry, very dry and irritable skin. The range includes a variety of Bioderma's patented formulas, with a specific focus on their Skin Barrier Therapy™ patent used to replenish lipids (the fatty acids on your skin's surface) to stop irritation and lock in moisture.


"As someone who has had eczema since the age of 5, I have tried and tested so many creams and treatments that I now understand exactly what is right for my skin. Having used Bioderma's Atoderm SOS Spray for a week, I can say I have become a fan of this product for its effective nourishment in a super quick and easy application.

I use a quick spray in the morning after my shower and moisturiser before I start my commute to work. Normally, after a couple of hours alternating between dry heat and the cold weather, my skin is dry and slightly irritated when I get into work. After using the SOS spray, the product endures the dry environment and it really does feel like a layer that locks in moisture.

The ease of this product is a huge bonus, too. 1 spray will last you a good 3-4 hours in a warm office and if you need to top-up, quickly spray from a distance and let it absorb for a few seconds. This is ideal for me as I use touchscreen devices, a mouse and keyboard throughout my day. It's nice not worrying about getting cream from my hands onto everything I touch!

I would recommend SOS spray for people who want an effective, quick and a "no hassle" moisturiser."

Bioderma Atoderm SOS Spray has excellent cutaneous and ocular tolerance. Paraben-free. Hypoallergenic. Non-comedogenic. Does not stain clothes. Fragrance-free, alcohol-free.

Bioderma Atoderm SOS Spray 200ml

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