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New Year New Me

All conversation starters in January seem to consist of everybody talking about their resolutions to ‘lose weight’, ‘be more motivated’ and ‘join a gym’. But what if after all those years of failed attempts and triumphs all you really needed to do was to love the skin you are in.
New Year New Me

Give yourself a confidence boost and pamper your skin with a detox of some sort. After all the partying and sleepless nights in December now is the time to hit those January sales and get yourself a decent skin care routine. Treating your skin to a pamper night doesn’t have to break the bank, this can be done on a budget.

Our Bodytox range can aid your body in the removal of waste, detoxing your skin of all the harmful chemicals which are no longer wanted. You simply put the patch on your foot overnight and in the morning, remove the patch with its dark waste and dispose of it. You should feel the benefits of the patch within 3 das of use. This range will not only make you feel refreshed and radiant, but it will also make your bank balance happy with its great price!

If the thought of disposing of waste coming from your feet overnight makes you feel slightly uneasy why not run yourself a nice steamy, hot bath and afterwards massage into your body a natural body oil, such as the Tisserand Detox Body Oil. This is a purifying body oil, ideal as part of a body cleansing or detox program. It will help kick start your circulation and improve your skin. Another bonus is that it is 95% organic and paraben-free!

Your face feels the harsh reality of day to day life more than you think, with all the pollutants in the air and harsh chemicals hitting your skin all year round, now is the time to reward it. Give your skin a detox mask to draw out impurities and reduce the appearance of pores and blackheads. REN Clarimatte Invisible Pores Detox Mask is a great buy to aid you in your ‘new year new me’ process! The French clay absorbs excess sebum and impurities while tropical spirulina energises and stimulates cell repair.

Your skin, whether it be your face, body, hands or feet, has had a tough year. Reward it.